Danelectro 60 Baby Sitar - Brown Burst

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Danelectro 60 Baby Sitar - Brown Burst
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The electric sitar is often considered a novelty instrument that’s useful only for corny Indian music simulations, but songs like Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” and Van Halen’s “Primary” prove it can be a very inspiring alternative to the usual six-string solution. The reason more guitarists haven’t explored the sonic possibilities of the electric sitar is that original Sixties examples are rare and expensive, and newer reissues cost more than most guitarists want to pay for something that probably won’t be their main ax.

  • Round body shape
  • Thermometer headstock shape
  • 6 strings tuned like standard guitar
  • Scale length: 25"
  • Number of frets: 21
  • Gotoh sitar bridge
  • 1 lipstick pickup
  • 1 master volume
  • 1 master tone
  • More Information
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